About Us


Fostering the Game of Lawn Bowls Since the Early 1950s.


Leeton & District Bowling Club first began to offer residents and local bowlers a great bowl experience back in the early 1950s. Whilst this remains our objective, the club has grown to accommodate bowlers of all skill levels and expanded to offer a restaurant and entertainment clubhouse for guests to enjoy. Since our start, it has always been our mission to increase memberships to help spread our lasting love for the sport.

 In just the past nine years in business, we have tripled our club’s membership because of our state-of-the-art bowling green and the most unbeatable rates. Our members are also welcome to enjoy our top-rated restaurant as well as many other activities our club offers.


Past Presidents and Life Members 1950 to 1987


Rather than offering services strictly for serious, professional bowlers, we wanted to create a family friendly club with an easy-going, laid-back atmosphere for our members to enjoy their love for the game in a welcoming environment.

We are extremely involved in the local community and actively participate in several events that focus on increasing tourism to Leeton from all over Australia. We are also happy to provide as much support for the local communities as possible. As the Club is not eligible for CDSE grants, all donations and support contributed to the local and regional community are purely voluntary.

Leeton & District Bowling Club is a welcoming bowling centre where learners, intermediate level bowlers and bowling pros can enjoy the love for the sport without feeling intimidated or discouraged by others. We simply want to spread our passion and love for the game by providing a beautiful bowling green and activities for you and your family to enjoy. Call today to learn more about our memberships and our facility.

Contact us to find out more about our memberships and facilities.

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